Spray paint machine REPAIRS

Airless spray painting machines are a costly investment so it essential that they are well maintained and regularly serviced.  Sprayair & Power has been repairing and servicing airless spray painting equipment for the past 25 years and our fully trained staff are qualified to carry out standard repairs and services.

We are able to service and repair most market leading spray machines from brands like Titan, Graco, AGP, Airlessco & ASM.  Simply drop off your spray machine at our service centre and we will take care of the rest.

Our standard service includes:

  • Motor & pump check/wet end
  • Hydraulic oil refill
  • Gun, paint hose & suction tube check
  • Filters replaced (gun & manifold)
  • Packing’s checked
  • System flush through
  • Accessible drive gears greased
  • General clean down

During a service we will identify any repair requirements or replacement accessories needed. The customer will be contacted prior to any repairs been carried out or replacement accessories being fitted.

Call us on (011) 680-1660 to book a service or for further information.