Road Marking Machines South Africa

Road marking or surface line marking is the application of a material such as paint or thermoplastic onto a road surface in order to convey information to motorists and pedestrians or direct traffic in accordance of the official laws and rules of that jurisdiction. Most roads will have a combination of white and yellow line road marking which are generally applied by road marking machines.

Road marking equipment and applications are consistently improving and advancing with the advent of autonomous road vehicles and a desire by governments across the globe to improve road safety.

Drive On and Push Behind Road Marking Machines

Sprayair & Power is a leading supplier of drive on and push behind airless road marking and pavement marking equipment. Our road marking equipment can also be applied to mark parking spaces and other designated areas determined by usage requirements.


road marking machine supplier south africa
Road marking machine South Africa
Titan Airless Road Marking Machine

Truck Mounted Road Marking Machines

We also supply cold paint road marking systems that can be mounted onto LDV vehicles for larger road marking projects that require long runs and the ability to hold marking materials on board the vehicle.

Truck / Bakkie Mounted Road Marking System
Truck Mounted Road Marking System

In South Africa road surface marking consists of a combination of mechanical markers (such as Cat;s Eyes, Botts’ dots, rumble strips and reflective markers) and non-mechanical markers such as cold paint, stones, epoxy and preformed thermoplastic.

Our Titan range of road marking machines are designed for the application of cold paint on paved roadways, pavements and parking lots. Titan Powrliners are built for precise, consistent line striping while delivering the dependability you would expect from a Titan. The LazyLiner series helps make road marking quick and easy by easily converting a push behind machine into a drive on unit.

Lazyliner Line Driver
Lazyliner Line Driver

Our road marking equipment also includes a gravity feed glass bead dispenser kit. Glass beads are important for providing retroreflectivity on road surfaces. Additional gun kits may also be mounted onto our road markers for double line applications and line pointers for more accurate line striping.

Titan push behind line markers are fitted with an adjustable front jockey wheel for circles, arcs and bends making it easier to paint around traffic islands and circles as well as along curved roads. These units are petrol driven and depending on the unit can be used for parking lots and small municipal work all the way up to large municipal work, intersection work and airport markings.

High-pressure airless spraying results in marked lines that are neater as a result of no paint scattering and overspray which is often found in compressor-driven air spraying applications. Road marking equipment and applications are consistently improving and advancing with the advent of autonomous road vehicles